Plants provide for our health in ways we are still learning to understand. Traditional healing practices provide us with herbal remedies that cure what ails us and fortify our vitality. Botany and ecology teach us how plants clean air and water systems, rejuvenate soils and support ecological systems. Medical practitioners and environmental psychologists teach us how views to nature and plants around us reduce recovery time from illnes, lower blood pressures and improve our sense of well-being. And the art and design we choose to sustain our spirit often includes plant images, motifs, patterns and structures.
At Design by Plants we understand "health" as "wholeness". Through plants and gardens we help people cultivate a more healthful and balanced life. The ecological health of our gardens has a direct bearing on our own health, and learning to understand soil health as vital to our own health, is to cultivate the dynamic reciprocity with nature that we need as a species to thrive. Fostering this relationship is at the heart of our work. 
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