Simply put, medicine gardens are places where plants known to support and improve human health are grown. They have existed across all cultures and ages. Some indigenous medicine gardens are indistinguishable from food gardens, and may, to the untrained eye, also appear indistinguishable from the natural landscape. Medicine gardens were celebrated historically and are again becoming important to universities, health centers, public and community gardens and home gardeners. As a trained herbalist, Anne is able to significantly extend our offerings in this area. We will design a custom medicine garden with the plants that can support you and your family and provide guidelines for the plant’s care and use. Just let us know you are interested!
Medicinal plants used traditionally for thousands of years may already be in your garden. Heralds of our North Atlantic Spring: Forsythia, Magnolia, and Peony, are a few of the long-standing medicinal plants used commonly in Chinese Medicine. The ubiquitous Dandelions, Plantains, Clovers, Purslane, and Violets that jump into garden beds, are also common medicinal plants known to herbalists and caregivers, and can be found on the shelves of many apothecaries.
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