Welcome to Design by Plants

We are a Brooklyn-based, garden design-build firm passionately building beautiful artisanal gardens and helping our clients better understand plants. We create high value plant environments that provide delight, health, comfort, nutrition and security and that support resilient and productive ecological systems. We use the name, Design by Plants, because we are students of plants. Plant communities are elegant examples of abundance, efficiency and simplicity, realizing more than 500 million years of evolutionary intelligence. They help shape the principles and ideals of our firm's work. For thousands of years our ancestors brought plants into the home and tended gardens to create nourishing environments. We make gardens that draw upon this developed wisdom. From food, shelter and medicine to muse, nurse and symbol, plants sustain us physically and emotionally. Our services are designed to make this world visible and create supportive and transformative plant environments for you and your family. We are architects, artists, builders, landscape designers, ethnobotanists, and gardeners with a mission to help you build your relationship with the natural world.