​​​​​​​John and Anne have been a joy to work with. Their initial proposal was thorough and carefully thought-out, and the execution thus far has been exemplary. They were very responsive to our ideas, and gave us plenty of options for plantings, as well as color photographs, and detailed drawings of each aspect of design/construction. Still awaiting spring to enjoy the full flowering of all this creativity, but I would recommend Design By Plants without hesitation based on my experience to date!
- Jonathan -
Anne and John are great! Anne has given me many wonderful plant ideas over the years. She also helped me this spring when I had a lilac emergency and panicked. John helped me prune my cherry blossom tree at the end of the summer because it was overshadowing part of my flower garden. He was so perfect for the job because he has such a wonderful aesthetic! John thought about every branch, the shape of the whole tree and knew exactly how much pruning was necessary. I highly recommend them for any of your garden needs and have sent many friends to them who have been really pleased with their work!
- Sally -
Finding Design by Plants was such a gift. Anne and John were thoughtful and intelligent in thinking about my garden, my dreams for my garden and the realities of making it happen. John artistically pruned my trees and made improvements so that mosquitos are no longer an issue and my sun flowers have more room to bloom, while Anne listened endlessly to my thoughts about plants and made a design based on an incredible base of knowledge and sensitive understanding of what I was looking for. The people who work with them are in addition a pleasure. I have recommended them to everyone I know.
- Heather -
Working with Anne and John was a pleasure. We have a small backyard garden and my main concern was to create a space that our whole family could enjoy. We have two young children, one of whom has autism. They took great care to choose non-toxic plants that everyone would enjoy. Taking into account my son's issues, they suggested adding a bench swing to our garden plan. I would never have thought of that on my own, and it has become such a joyful centerpiece of our backyard! They also found solutions for our yearly mosquito problem, and our tough-to-keep-green lawn. Together, Anne and John offer a combination of knowledge and skills that worked so well in designing our outdoor space.
- Melissa -
My terrace is long, skinny, and faces North. I had no hope of gardening until I met Anne and John. They assured me a garden was possible and asked intriguing questions about gardens I’d known and loved. I told them about the Japanese rock garden my mom and dad built along a retaining wall in my childhood home. I was enamored by the combination of rocks and plants and I wanted to bring them into my Brooklyn home. I also wanted lots of green and many textures, so Anne and John suggested a variety of grasses and blooming plants. My garden blooms from March – November and in the dormant months I enjoy the waving grasses and snow-covered juniper. It’s truly awesome. They have transformed not only my terrace but my entire apartment because the windows no longer define the northern boundary: I’m surrounded by plants.
- Christine -
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