Growing nutritious food locally was once our only option. It has again become essential to both a healthy diet and a sustainable food system. Not long ago this meant a trip to the local Greenmarket, and today includes a growing number of commercial rooftop farms and networks of home and community gardens. This growth has been supported by an increased focus on sustainable food delivery systems, a growing demand for high quality fresh produce, an integrated approach to building that considers the value of gardens in reducing urban heat islands, retaining stormwater and improving our quality of life.

New plant research tells us that locally grown food and herbs provide our highest quality food and medicine. Researchers are focused on the complex and ancient communities of pollinators and microorganisms plants bring to our gardens and windowsills. These communities profoundly enrich the microbiomes of our soil and air, as well as our body microbiome. The human microbiome is now understood to assist our metabolic, digestive and immune systems and research in this area is currently changing how we view nutrition and may change the way we understand and treat many diseases. We will design a garden that supports your nutritional goals, which may simply begin with a healthy microbiome around your home.

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