About Us

Design by Plants brings together the life-long passions of John Seitz, an architect, garden builder and artisan and Anne Wiesen, an ethnobotanist, landscape designer and herbalist. Working with us, as projects require, are a number of very talented construction and plant professionals. While much of our work has been in Brooklyn and is focused on urban gardens, we are in the process of building a tree and native plant nursery North of the city to support larger future projects.

Integral to all of our projects is a desire to improve your well-being through plants, the shaping of artful and productive outdoor spaces and the sustainable support of ecological systems. We sustain plants and they sustain us. From food, shelter and medicine to muse, nurse and symbol, plants sustain us physically and emotionally. Our services are designed to make this world visible and create supportive and transformative plant environments for you and your family.

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John Seitz, Partner

John Seitz,

Educator, Garden Artisan and Builder

Anne Wiesen, Partner

Anne Wiesen, Partner

Landscape Designer, Ethnobotanist and Herbalist

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Haley Balcanoff, Associate

Horticulture and Design