A regenerative landscape is low-maintenance and resilient. We will help you put into place a foundation for success and to ensure your garden remains productive we will return to evaluate progress and provide the stewardship support that is right for you. We prepare seasonal stewardship plans that include irrigation needs, pest and disease management, invasive plant control, plant nutrition, composting, propagation, pruning, appropriate harvesting, gardener resources and more. We are also happy to work with you, increasing your understanding and helping you to become a better steward of plants.

We are also prepared to provide one-time visits that allow you to get your garden into shape for a special event or a home sale. In the below example we were asked to rebuild several planters, repair a fence, prune existing plantings and install new plants to prepare a backyard garden for a possible sale. The realtor featured a view of the garden and the property did sell very successfully.

E78th street before and afterE78th street garden reconstruction and stewardship (before and after images). © 2011 Design by Plants