Garden Making

The making of your plant environment is a process that begins with getting to know you, your goals, your plants and your site. During the planning process that follows we will present you with a series of sketches and recommendations designed to explore garden development opportunities and introduce you to a diversity of plants. We begin with a baseline of available resources (rainwater, daylight, existing infrastructure and plants) and overlay your functional requirements and goals. Then the magic begins.

Realizing a garden is an art. There is a process of discovery both below ground and above ground. The form of the ground moves water to some plants and away from others. Pruning brings light where there was none and the seasons and plant growth create a tableau that is always in motion. Plant choices may also be deeply personal and each plant brings its own narrative and history. Our goal is to create a foundation for the future that will nourish and sustain, you and your plants. As architects, builders, artisans and plant people we arrive with the tools and experience to ensure you will have an exceptional garden. We will also provide you with the knowledge and/or care services to ensure your garden receives continued stewardship.