"Anne and John completely changed the way I look at nature. I no longer struggle to restrain
the plants in my garden – I now follow their changes with curiosity and joy!"    


Garden Coaching

Garden coaching provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to ensure your garden provides for you. This is a customized service that may take many forms. We may focus on stewardship or plant knowledge. We may explore opportunities for nutrition, medicinal herbs or flowers for cutting. We may help you bonsai a favorite plant that has become too large or advise on how to control plant pests. Our goals are simple. We want to enable you in the garden.

Building knowledge – There was a time when we all enjoyed a much closer relationship to plants and they sustained us in a much more direct and immediate way. We have spent years rediscovering this knowledge and finding ways to reapply it. Our services are designed to reveal and help you apply this knowledge. One of our recent projects involved helping a client understand that many of the weeds colonizing their garden were in fact stellar sources of nutrition and the key to a resilient lawn. They now have an herbal lawn that enriches salads, produces medicine and requires far less maintenance.

Plant profiles - Plant lore runs deep in many cultures. Our plant studies draw from many traditions and fields and our customizable plant profiles draw out essential nutritional, ecological, medicinal and cultural values for individual plants. These profiles can support plant selection, understanding and stewardship.