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Park Place Two

While neglected for many years this large garden was still strongly defined by some amazing plants. We kept the dogwoods, the Japanese maples, the hydrangeas and the tall sheltering Euonymous sentinels. We replaced the fence, rebuilt the stone patio with salvaged bluestone, replaced a brick patio with a low meadow and created deeply planted bordering beds with many native flowering plants.

The meadow gardens are filled with ornamental grasses and many cottage garden plants, while the woodland garden is more of a shade garden with Heuchera, Violets, Astilbe, Skimmia, and ferns, Lady’s Mantle, Brunnera and Solomon’s Seal.

The garden in the front of the house is sheltered beneath a grand existing Dogwood tree. This shade garden is slightly more formal and includes evergreen yews, inkberries, skimmia and rhododendron, along with shade loving perennials, such as Astilbe, Lenten Rose, and Solomon's Seal.