Park Place

These gardens complement Brooklyn's first Passive House with an abundance of native plantings and a solar driven rainwater irrigation system. Plantings were designed to be diverse and create a series of small integrated habitats. Beside the patio in the rear we installed several River birches. Amelanchiers rise up to meet the birches and anchor a group of azaleas, grasses, asters, butterfly weed, blue-eyed grass and coreopsis in the raised core-ten steel framed bed. Moving toward the house plantings become lower with a meandering area of Pennsylvania sedge, edged and punctuated with islands of Rudbeckia, Coneflowers and Thistles. As the sun garden becomes a shade garden we introduce Labrador violets, Heuchera and Solomon's Seal. The irrigation system utilizes collected rainwater and a small solar electric pump.

Park Place togetherPlanting plan, planting day and the meadow in July after 2 months. Images © 2013 Design by Plants