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Prospect Park West

This slender alley garden completey transformed an areaway between buildings along Prospect Park West. We removed deteriorated concrete for planting beds and then covered what remained with a cedar deck and pea gravel. Along the new cedar fence a narrow shady garden bed was filled with ferns, solomon’s seal, astilbe’s, violets, honeysuckle, clematis, coral bells, geraniums and some repurposed hosta’s that our client had been stewarding in some old wooden boxes. A Coral Bark Japanese Maple serves as a strong focal point through the seasons. The walls were painted to complement the plantings and reflect more light into the space. A sunny garden area, beside a dining table was planted with anise hyssop, anemone, skimmia, yew, acanthus, with epimedium and ajuga lining a small walkway of repurposed concrete slabs. To provide more planting area and allow for future flexibility several containers are added for herbs and annuals.