Newswalk terrace garden

To unify and soften this 6 foot wide linear terrace garden we introduced a series of white cedar platforms with stone pebble accents. Covering more than 1/3 of the concrete pavers the platforms provide a natural frame that hold and join the numerous containers, distributing weight and providing a more yielding surface for sitting and yoga. The platforms, installed in late spring, are already beginning to silver beautifully as you can see in the upper right image from December. Garden plantings include some of our client's favorites; irises, grasses, azaleas, a japanese maple, several windswept evergreens for winter interest and plentiful seasonal blooms. We selected plants we were sure would thrive on this exposed North ledge and not require significant maintenance.

Newswalk terrace imagesImages; design plan sketch (top), before (left), after planting in May 2013 (middle), west platform in December (upper right), linear platform detail with Coreopsis after installation (lower right) © 2013 Design by Plants