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1 Grand Army Rooftop & Terraces

We worked very closely with our client on this large rooftop project, which is still in progress. They constructed the deck, built-in containers and pergola with our design support. We designed the plantings and installed plants and irrigation systems. Massed birches, Seven Son flowers and privet provide shade and some wind protection. The vigorous American wisteria and Trumpet vines will soon be providing shade below the pergola, while the birches will be shading the vegetable beds. A mix of perennials, grasses, and annuals provide color, texture and form through the seasons.

The solar-powered irrigation system uses condensed water from the building's chillers. Water that was previously drained to the sewer now sustains a rooftop and several terraces filled with plants. A rooftop foodwaste composting operation provides plants with a regular topdressing of rich mulch.

These gardens extend over nine terraces and provide a mix of flowering plants, grasses, vegetables, herbs, shrubs and small trees. In some areas, containers are grouped to create garden-like spaces; while in other places, the containers are minimally sized with low plants to not obstruct views.