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Ditmas Garden

The new gardens here extend completely around the house, offering an abundant and changing landscape through the seasons. An emphasis on natives and low maintenance plantings shaped the palette. A number of larger existing foundation plants provided structure, and variations in microclimate ensured the use of a diversity of plant types. The formal front gardens were enlarged and softened. They now include flowering Dogwood and Magnolia trees, Andromeda, Clethra, and Rhododendron shrubs with ferns, lenten roses, phlox, violets, and Canadian ginger. The side garden is now a farm garden with raised beds, beside Blueberries and Juneberries and a partially planted driveway of Creeping Thyme and Sedum. The rear garden contains more natives and grasses, creating more of a meadow edge garden beside an existing and magnificent Cherry Blossom tree. Framing all of these gardens is a new board-on-board Atlantic White Cedar fence, providing layers of privacy and transparency.