10th Street garden (in progress)

The first stage (Oct/Nov 2013) on this garden included the installation of a new cedar fence, a brick patio reconstruction and a new cedar pergola. We generally recommend white cedar to our clients because it is a locally grown, long-lasting, renewable resource. The cedar will turn silver within two years and looks great unfinished. The brick patio was constructed almost entirely of reused brick from the site. We designed and installed new foundations and a brick masonry frame within which the brick was loose-laid on a sand bed. The sand joints facilitate the absorption of rainwater and will allow for the growth of small plants over time. The pergola was designed to provide shade for a sitting and dining area, support vining plants including kiwi, trumpet vine and clematis and support a hammock. The second stage of the garden will include Spring plantings and the completion of walkways.

10th streetImages of existing garden in October, patio rebuild and pergola in December. Images © 2013 Design by Plants